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Club k9


Our puppy schoolis designed to give you the tools you need to help your puppy grow into a well-adjusted, happy adult. Getting the basics right is the first step

​Puppy School

1hr classes once a week for 5 weeks

Suits ages 8-20 weeks

1hr classes once a week for 3 weeks

For dogs 20 weeks and older 



Puppy School is the perfect mix of positive socialisation, strategies and training to set your puppy up for the future.
Including cooperative care, enrichment, basic obedience and fitness and help with typical puppy problems.


Learn the fundamentals of dog training to build your tool box, starting with foundation obedience skills and fitness basics.

training  nights

Register your interest for our new weekly training nights and build on your current skills. These weekly training nights are for those that have attended the fundamentals class and wish to improve their skills and learn new ones.
Throughout the term, you will learn K9 Good manners, Obedience, Rally-O,
Trick Training, group discussions, and more.

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Weekly Classes
$200 per term

Fundamentals class or by assessment

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Nose work

Relaxed lead training walks

Enquire for our next workshop

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 7am - 6.30pm

Closed public holidays

Outside of these hours by arrangement


(09) 974 2557

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Puppy School


Puppy Packages


Puppy School plus private home training session

Private Puppy

All the information from the group classes in the privacy of your home


Two positive social sessions 



Is your dog taking you for a walk instead of the other way around? Do you get frustrated with the constant pulling?
Our relaxed lead training walks will show you how you and your dog can enjoy your time together. These walks are held in the real world not a classroom.

Nose work is both fun and mentally stimulating for your dog, sniffing has a natural calming effect and is something they love to do. As dog owners, it is our role to keep them not only physically, but mentally fit and what’s great about nose work is there are no age barriers, your dog is never too old or young for learning. During this workshop, your dog will learn to identify a specific scent, find
that scent and indicate to you its location, as well as the basics of tracking work.

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